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Android developing

please guys which language do you recommend me to learn in becoming a full time android developer

5/1/2018 9:05:54 PM

King Frankostein®

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tankz really inspiring


any other language needed after that??


Use the search feature that is made available here on Sololearn: android


if you want to develop apps or abything that has to do with programming you have to learn a lot. learn as much as you can. now try to learn java for now. you dont need to learn much when you want to create your first app. but the more you know the better your apps are. use android studio. it supports java for development and it has many built in functions that help you while coding. the most important thing is that you stay motivated because everything that you learn is worth to use in your apps that you code.


java is good. i use it for android development and im totally content with it. you can also use kotlin too. but i would learn java for sure. it is used for most devices and its also used in android studio.


the basic of android and java are similiar... i suggest you to study java.. it will help a lot


Java Java Java 🤗 or Kotlin 😜