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Problem with Django in Termux Apk

Hey i am using Termux for learning python & other things . I had successfully installed Django but there is a problem with templates. I create a Jango project & a test app but the problem is I can't use the jinja templating as it shows permission error in browser. I am hoping that anyone know what i might did wrong.

5/1/2018 8:26:09 AM

MD Masfikur Rahman

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Log files would be helpful. We can't really fix an issue without information. That's like going to a car mechanic and saying your car won't start but not bringing your car for him to look at.


If I had to guess, I'd say your phone isn't rooted. I'm not sure about Android's policy on binding to ports, but I know for a fact that Linux (What Android is built on) requires root privileges to bind to ports 0-1023. I'd recommend just setting up an environment on a desktop.


The problem was with HTML file inside Root directories (eg : Termux's Data Folder). Don't run Django projects inside "Termux Data Folder". Run it in your "Internal Storage" like normal projects and apps. Thanks For Answering The Question. Really Appreciate It