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C# or Python or Java

I need to build a Stock Inventory System but I don’t know which tool to use. Can anyone shed some light on the above ? Or I should use another language? The GUI of this application is important so something that will give me a good UI is preferable .

5/1/2018 5:22:59 AM

Zechariah YAKAP

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You can use c# with visual studio its much easier create the GUI by simply editing the forms and assigning events also you can connect to access or sql database much more easier i suggest you use c# i put python as option 2 because you have to code or import GUI module and use it which will take you more time Than with c# i don know about java😀😀


Python is used to make market trend analytics and decision making tools or software. Python has very rich library support which helps a lot to predict market easily. Python also has many 3rd party GII, GUIs are also very rich and it has a lot of uses. Speed isn't matter for such works,where as Python is heavily using in Big Data Management or Data Science,AI etc. Python has given chances to work with various fields. Typically, programming languages on numerical computing are split into two groups: static languages such as C, C++ and Fortran, which are fast for execution but slow for development, and dynamic languages such as Python, R and Matlab, which are often slow in their execution but enable rapid development.


I think java with c++ that's so good for programming, bcs it magic make awesome code..


First off, I'll just pretend Java isn't on this list. =D. Anyway, regarding C# vs Python, it would probably come down to the standard things, like what you're trying to build, the platform in question, etc. If you you want your app to fit snugly in a Windows environment and you intend to stay there for a while, C# is probably the best way to go, especially if you're just getting started. (That said, I started with Python, which will always be the love of my programming life; while I'm competent enough at this point to build some stuff with C#, given my needs, Python as it is is flexible enough to accommodate pretty much everything I wanna do in a Windows environment.) Like Python, one of the things I appreciate about C#, especially if you're developing in a .NET context, is the support for it. You can learn how to do everything via MSDN; the documentation is so great!---sometimes better than all of Python's documentation (tho Stackoverflow makes up for that =D. The support for that language is phenomenal.). Another huge reason why I prefer Python to C# when developing on Windows is my dependency on SQLite and the fact that it's far more accessible via Python; SQLite is built right into the Standard Library. I dunno how well it's integrated with Visual C# / .NET or whatever. There's also syntactical differences. If you're comfortable with C-style syntax, picking up C# is a breeze; it'll be natural to you. I'm also told it's faster than Python (again, in a Windows environment; Python on the other hand, tends to be more portable). Happy coding!


I have used python for intensive projects and it has not let me down and most certainly wont let you down as well. Its libraries are limitless and the community is always there to help if there is a hitch .... you will only worry about the problem and not the code.


You can use c# for developing enterprise web app on ASP.NET. But if you want to create android apps you should use Java. And if you look at work with data you should use Python. It's my opinion.


C# or Java


BEN10MZF Its not necessary..☺



What skills do you have? This is probably the most important question. How many people will be using this system? How in depth will this system go? Do you want the system to generate reports? All these questions will mold the answer. We cannot just answer this question with the given information.


alireza Yes there are other compilers !(IDE) for c# apart from visual studio... like:- 1. visual c# express 2. visual c# 3. The Mono C# Compiler 4. Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express 5. Portable.NET 6.SharpDevelop. 7. Roslyn etc.


Zechariah Yakap your welcome anytime😀😀😀


Java and Kotlin best !!!


personally I would use C# with Visual Studio for the GUI and use SQL server to store the data. This is my personal preference. You can make the GUI virtually anything you want in Visual Studio.




Thanks to every individual who commented and those who voted. I have a clearer picture of what I should use. Thanks again for your opinion and time.


Zechariah Yakap Your welcome anytime..☺☺


As a Windows application ? C# would be better


C# is well established and you can work your way out easily. But python is versatile and you can do more than just creating GUI. I personally find Java complex and if it can work, much coding.


how can you use c# and sql at the same time?