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unity 3d

hi anybody good on unity..am stuck i need to insert a player character and make it move like a real human...someone to help me out please...

4/26/2018 2:45:26 PM

robert kiprotich

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Try using a FirstPersonController or ThirdPersonController. It is a controller you can add from Unity's Standard Assets. Unity also has a default Ethan model which has animations that move like a human. Or, if you want to program everything yourself, make a cube (the temporary player model), add a script to it, and in the script create key events. If A is pressed, move the transform to the left, if D is pressed to the right. etc.. It won't be like a human or similar to the controllers but, It's a start. Be sure to equip a camera and collider somewhere on the object.


thanks @faith




@ faith...when i click on the play button in unity 3d all i see is the skybox instead of the scene..


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