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What is the future of computer science?

4/26/2018 2:40:23 PM

Shaikh Saif

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Quantum computing. Virtual and augmented reality (done well). Neural laces, personalised medicine, artificial intelligence, data science, transhumanism.


AGL(Artificial General Intelligence) which is making computers to work like human beings, this could be achieved by using powerful supercomputers and current information on this idea is that *10th most powerful supercomputer is used to perform the one second of human brain activity,but it is taking 40 seconds to complete the activity* It is likely that within 120 yrs no humans are gng to work! almost all human dependent works are accomplished using machines


the future computer science never flat


@xan What do you actually mean by quantum computing?


https://futurism.com/military-created-ai-learned-to-program/ This link may offer some ideas of what the future of CS will look like.


Robots are snatching human jobs so after 100 years, robots would perform human jobs and more than a million people will be unemployed so by studying computer science, we will be able to make robots for the Future for this we should study AI and Robotics...


Flamice According to Wikipedia it Says, "Quantum computing is computing using quantum- mechanical phenomena, such as superposition & entanglement.[1] A quantum computer is a device that performs quantum computing."


a quantum cpu will be used in conjunction with traditional cpu, only time the quantum will activate is when needed ie exponential calculations


any problem can solve by computer software you think about that see machine learning and internet of things


produce software and applications with high quality and very smart within pespective cost and customer stastify


I think the future of computer science must be instructing robots by artificial intelligence to help the disabled doing their chores,such as: cooking,washing dishes, helping them to take shower!, etc.


Today there are more computing devices in the world than humans. We all have seen the evolution of computers starting from the time when one or two computers serving the world, to more than one device serving each person on this earth today. Computer science had been expanding its wings with more and more processes being automated. From this graph of evolution have you ever tried to extrapolate the future trend of this branch of technology? What would be the shape of roles in software development in future? Will there be a necessary for software developers to write code?


i have a nanobot, tell it to make a copy of itself and give you one, the only cost will be very simple materials, the scientific community is having a worldwide discussion of the ethics using this technology right now, easily found via google. The debate by leading scientist, humans wont work in 20yrs due to nanotech, i didnt write it, the general scientific community did, the fear of a 100% welfare society is coming, autonmous cars, factories etc


What is the future of social networks?


McMalpha Cent-4 gives a good definition. It is thought it will be useful for parallel computing of problems (searching all possible solutions at once). At the moment they're struggling to get enough qubits for the systems to be practical. Qubit stands for Quantum Bit.


Humans wont work alot sooner then many think, its already begun, 20yrs is the new timeline as of latest models, nano tech is advancing fast, what does this mean? from a ted talk, the human genome cost 100million in the 1990s to map, today it cost 100$.. nano machinery will make products at the cost of shear materials alone, which is very very cheap. blueprints information and also nano machines will be shared, duplicated and or replicated much like p2p file sharing.


Sadly, I dont think software engineers will be coding in the future. Programming will be done via visual and auditory commands by ai, example, googles machine learning software has learned to make, you guessed it, machine learning software that is faster then the human made software.


great and better than before in the future because it's demand will always be going to increase as computers are getting better and everywhere day by day.😁




computers will control humans and humans will cry😂😂