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Is Silk Road 3.0 Illegal to use ?

I recently heard about that another version of Silk Road which was previously banned to use was in market with a name of Silk Road 3.0. Silk Road was illegal, is this new version illegal too.

4/24/2018 6:28:34 PM

Prajjwal Pathak

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only if you do bad things. going on it and just looking is not illegal, placing an order and supporting it is


what does programming have to do with drugs...please try not advertising drugs related site here on SL.. there is a deep web related discussions which I think is even trending..


Everything you found by searching on aren't illegal. You'll never find any illegal stuff from Google


Trump! The Money Lover Are you really sure that you cant find illegal sites on google? I not bet on this


Silk road got shutdown lol