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Practical use of Python

Hi, I am IT student. I got myself introduced to Python 2 weeks ago and since then I started to work on challenges here. I know, and as much as I can read, py is extremely powerful language and have various purposes at various programming areas. Im not asking how to start with Python, but if someone in this community, targeting senior py developers, could share its experiences and some work history, where us beginners could see how it works in real life problems, not some math challenges(which are fun btw)

4/20/2018 6:10:29 PM

Luka Vasiljevic

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I am not a pro nor a senior, but have some practical experience in Python and I am a big enthusiast of this language. If you want to see a glimpse of what Python can do, please visit my code here, I present some useful applications of Python in various fields. I think it's its versatility, that I love Python the most for 💚


I use python for web frame works..


I use python web frameworks for web development and believe me it's more than awesome! The language is a trustworthy killer of boilerplates.


Python is simply used to automate things 👌


Python is a beautiful language it can be used for: Web development Data Science Statistics Data manipulation Data Analysis Competitive programming Analytical methods Cleaning data importing data pandas foundations and countless others uses it just depends on what you want to accomplish.