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IDE definition

In the description it is mentioned that any text editor cam be used as an IDE. BASICALLY IDE is not only editor. it is an umbrella under which editor, linker and compiler with simulator are accommodated. correct me if I am wrong. just read some books.


12/9/2016 3:59:35 AM

Rupesh Kamble

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You're right


An integrated development environment is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor, build automation tools and a debugger.  On the other hand text editor is a type of program used for editing plain text files. Such programs are sometimes known as "notepad" software. Now days we usually use more sophisticated text editors like sublime but IDE are heavy and bulky because of its features. So It depends. A good programmer should always be evaluating his or her needs with regards to the project at hand. If you are new to a project with a large codebase and are constantly struggling to find your way around in the code, then you should probably use an IDE with good project overview/navigation tools. And yes you are right about it just need to be more precise and clear. Thank you


Yes, it it true. But, the advantage is - the tools inside IDE cooperate betwen themselves. For example - you wrote your code in text editor, then call it s compiling from menu. If there is a syntax error in code, there is show now in ouput compile window - but too, is highlited in its line in source code window. And the advantage is too, a common using windows in IDE -becuase the standalone tools - compilator, linker, debugger, atd..] often work in command line..