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Worms, viruses and "Machine learning"

I was just wondering if, by using machine learning, can malwares spread across the Internet, become stronger over time and become invulnerable to any solutions??? (Just a random thought, I don't wanna see the world burn)

4/19/2018 4:15:48 PM

android baloch

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If there really is some kind of self-learning worm out there, then all we need is a self-learning antivirus software. :>


FireEye uses ML in their malware defense / adaptive cloud. I think...a meaningful step towards invulnerability would require an AI to exceed its container, i.e., grasp and prepare for physical universe contingencies.


Can you clearify the phrase "They can be EASY DIFFICULT to manipulate"???


What I meant was some are easy but also difficult if that makes sens


me too XD...but yeah i think it is possible for them to spread but i also think they can be stopped because if you think about it its human made and human made things are very easy difficulty to manipulate


Fight machine learning with... machine learning. Just as malware can do it, so can cyber security solutions (check out Cyberbit) do it and mimic the malware's varying patterns. I don't think there's something completely immune.