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[python] Unable to Initialize Prn device

Hi, I really need your help guys, I started a few weeks ago to learn python 2.2.7 with "learn python the hard way" and I m getting errors in powershell since exercise 4, everything was working fine before. I am a bit lost, it tell me "Unable to initialize prn device" every time I try the "print" command Unfortunately nothing helped me in Google I tried to rename the name of exercice, trying to switch default printers (pdf and XML)..I gave up but since I know SoloLearn I wonder if someone can bring light

4/17/2018 11:32:30 AM


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use 3.6 version of python better for you.


Okay, thank you, I ll try


Yep you right that must be this, I ll try to figure it out. It certainly a stupid little thing I didn't thought yet


Yes I switched to the last version available yesterday , it's now working. Thanks :)


I think you got these error. Short for PRiNter, PRN is the name MS-DOS assigns to the first parallel port. For example, MS-DOS may report the following error message: "Not Ready Writing Device PRN. ... if MS-DOS is unable to access or send information to the printer port.


i got the same with python3.9


Try upgrading the version of python you're using