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Why i will use h1 ?

what's the uses of h1,h2,h3?

12/7/2016 6:32:55 AM

Nobin khan

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headings - h1 is the largest heading and h6 is the smallest possible heading. Headings have many benefits - one being SEO (search engine optimisation) as search engines register headings as important information and priortizes keywords. It is important to note that headings should not however be used for body text. Headings also give structure to web pages and provide consistency in their design.


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because it is a largest heading tag


Only use h1-h6 tags for titles as search engines use these for finding important info and allows your webpage to have more organization




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<h1> your heading text </h1> the headings number goes from 1 to 6 1 is the largest and 6 is smallest among them


it's depend on size, h1 having lager size text than h2-h6


for largest heading


Indicated something important, its kinda like a banner. Example if its your birthday you will probably have a banner. "Happy Birthday"