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How to study Python?

can you help me?

4/9/2018 4:23:06 PM


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I did download this free e-book: and I did let me guide to some extent by it months ago. This was before I stumbled over the sololearn app. The content of the book was so wide organized that I had difficulties to remember a lot of it. I will take it a second time in the near future and deepen my knowledge with it.


The simplest way to get sololearn pythons course


SoloLearn course and another web courses. Code code code. There are a lot of good courses on Google and YouTube.


Jump right in, if it requires previous coding language knowledge it is recommended that you learn that first. If you want fuller knowledge I recommend you use a secondary website that teaches other aspects of Python as Sololearn covers most of the main parts of coding languages they leave out some aspects.


Jan Markus it's amazing book thanks for sharing it.


and pfinder is right