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Google launches free online course on AI

Free online resources on AI Learn with Google AI: Machine learning crash course: Google blog link: For details -- 💠💠 Please check my answer.💠💠

4/9/2018 3:03:57 PM


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💠💠Google launches free online course to improve AI education (LISTEN | PRINT : please click link below) By James Walker     Mar 1, 2018 in Technology Google's announced a new online learning initiative to make machine learning education more accessible. The company's developed a free course which delivers the essentials needed to get started with machine learning, without demanding prior knowledge. Read more: Google blog link: 😀😁Free Resources --- Learn with Google AI: Machine learning crash course:


Thanks for sharing 📈A Z M Mushfiqur Rahman📈 . For those interested in Programming and Technology, check this out: I just felt that would be good to share it with others.


I found AI course on Udacity that day .. I wanted to know about it .. but .. THOSE BUCKS 😡 Thanks for sharing this MY BROTHA, Now I know DA WAE to success 😛 Really Appreciate it 😆


Wow! That’s awesome! Official by google. Thanks for letting us know! 😊


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@A Z M Mushfiqur Rahman thanks for great news! i appreciate the special attention you've put in this.


💮 BiShu 💮 That's not scary at all.Just the title is scary but the content is even funny.


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💮 BiShu 💮 ROFL. I didn't see the comments before.


Nelson Lobo And Comments .. 😂


This Google AI is a assistant to a pianist:


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Nelson Lobo Humans Need Not Apply Sir, isn't that .. ummm That's scary 😐😓


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