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The block feature

So I noticed I believe was last night that there is a block feature here on SoloLearn Profiles. If I block a user for being completely obnoxious; I am not able to see their comments but are they still visible to other users who visit my code? I ask this question simply out of curiosity because on my activities feed my comments still show up but when I click on them I cannot see them on my page.

4/8/2018 11:14:43 PM


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They are still visible to for other users who did not block this particular user. In the case of you being blocked by another user, you can display his postings with a simple trick, by viewing the thread not in the app but without logging in on the sololearn-website.


Michelangelo You are welcome! :-)


Michelangelo The blocked user can't see any of your postings. Neither old ones, nor future ones.


Jan Markus I see, thank you for clearing that out for me.


Jan Markus Would you know if the blocked user could see my posts that I have currently or for what I do in the future?


Thanks again Jan Markus