Has anyone published an app on GOOGLE PLAY or google playstore for android mobiles? Which app is it? How did you do it ? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Has anyone published an app on GOOGLE PLAY or google playstore for android mobiles? Which app is it? How did you do it ?

Platforms used, programming Language used,Steps taken etc.

12/6/2016 4:17:51 AM

shweta arya

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Hello! My App on Google Play store is a book. So far it has been downloaded around 10 thousands times. It uses SQLite as a local database where verses are stored. Java codes are used to retrieve book verses from the SQLite database and then displayed to users through an easy to use interface. As mentioned in other replies, a fee of $25 is paid to Google for creating an account. And with one account you upload as many apps as you want. You can check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.YellowPagesRwanda.BibiliyaYacu


Good luck with your dream. 👍😊


thanks @aditya


@aditya .. well i just want to learn how to make apps for now. No solid idea yet but when i do .. i will ask for help. Thanks :😊


I use to create app as client want usually for freelancer client. If they want native app with some android hardware features than I use java and XML if not I love to create them with html,CSS and JavaScript. Yes there are other way too. I am from kolkata and study in IIest.


It is easy, but you have to pay $25 one time fees for uploading your app to google play store. You can publish your app on google play and pay fee at https://play.google.com/apps/publish/signup/ I did not publish any app on google play yet. But I have created app and selling its source code on codecanyon. Anyway, I will publish a free app that download songs like mp3skull. I have written api for that. I will publish it after my semester exam. Hope I get good marks and money from my dad. Hope it helps you 😊☺


My api search some website that has songs like mp3kull does(It is banned because download song is illegal, I am just recreating it). So, it is not depend upon SoundCloud or last fm api. I just create my own api for fetching data from listed site and give me download link and information about song just like ganna.com app but If it ban again, I will publish it on codecanyon, I have seen Your another question about app development experience. I personally recommend you to publish it on codecanyon, yeap you have to sell your source code. But there developers buy your script, if developers like concept than why not normal people. I have start my app creating journey from codecanyon. Anyway, I would like to know your idea may be I can help, if you like.


@aditya all the best with the funding. can you tell me a little about your app. I am a noob so it will be gr8 help to know anything.


That is a simple maneuver Google basically begs for it.


What do you think sololearn is lol


i want to create app android but iam new in java and ussualy iam use netbeans for ide as you know android create in eclipae ide any one can teach me or i have to browse in google