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Online feature

I think Sololearn should introduce online notification when one need to challenge an opponent. Many a times you challenge someone who seems not even to be active anymore in sololearn. This will improve challenge experience because you only challenge those that are online if you are not sure who is active.

4/1/2018 12:34:21 PM


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Lord Krishna thanks. I have done so. I think its a good idea..


Wasn't the challengers list shown from most active to lest active? In any case you can send this suggestion from feedback in-app. Considering the recently added mention feature they may add this if they are not already working on it.


Lord Krishna what do you mean with 'send this feedback from the app to them"?


Rodgers I meant send this suggestion from feedback in-app


Lord Krishna The challenge list show the active to lest active?! really??! Very helpful so.. First time i know that 💚💚


Yes It should be like challenge random person only active people and challenging a bot will be very helpful.


ya thats nice idea....i liked it....// upvotes to bnta hai bhai log



Of course... This feature should included in new update... I yesterday challanged Benjamin Lapkan and still now those are pending... 😢😢😢😢😢 Nice suggestion