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Help me plizz , screen make

3/30/2018 3:27:56 AM


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What you now need is JavaScript. You can add the onclick event to the button tag and then call a function from JavaScript.. Like <buttom onclick="someFunction()"> Then when someone clicks a button you can add the button's innerHTML to the innerHTML of your span with id "scn"


You haven't added a script tag to control your buttons yet. You can do that in the JavaScript tab and also shift the style tag in css tab. I couldn't understand what screen make is.. Can you explain more?


when you click on the buttons will be displayed at the top of the numbers you entered


fix all plizz


thank you


Yes true. They're not even seeing that the thread is already answered


I don't understan why would anyone Downvote this thread instead of helping out. If you are not able to understand or help, just don't downvote because it massivly demoralizes the Learner 😤