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Challenging project

Hi, i am new in SoloLearn. Can you guys give me some recommendations or suggestions about some challenging project for beginner? i have basic in python and sql but i never make some project.

3/29/2018 5:18:48 PM


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I'm think that a challenging project is an app that records personal use of sololearn in a daily basis. But I'm not sure it's useful 😁


⏩▶Clau◀⏪ Raj Chhatrala Markus Kaleton Vivek Sivaramakrishnan Palanski thank you, you guys inspired me! From now i'll try some useful project

+2 👆👆Check the above link for a spreadsheet full of beginner project ideas


you can do some projects like making a simple calculator with interface.


you can complete the challenges here


my first working project as a beginner in python was a billing app which takes the number of items per product. it can search the shipping cost for a specific country (datas are from dhl's website) you will justhave to input the name of the country or city amd if found shipping cost will automatically be added if not you will manually enter it in... this was the first useful and working program that I've made several months ago. I used it in my previous job... the code was all functional style of programming... I not familiar with OOP back then... I made it with qpython... its an android ide for python. you can try similar project, with integrated database so you can apply your sql knowledge...