Is it a good idea to learn from website's source code ? Considering their size

i want to create a image editing application using js. since I didn't found a good "how to make it" I decided to copy source code of a online image editing website. But looking at it's size, I'm not sure if it was a wise idea. so my question is, is it a good idea to use source code for information? Here is the source code of the website I mentioned earlier https://code.sololearn.com/W4GYCwYY2p3f/?ref=app

3/29/2018 2:13:38 PM

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I mostly try to use some free library or plugin. It has the advantage that it was tested by a lot of people using it. If such an option is not available or appropriate, I try to learn how to do it myself with the help of tutorials etc. I think it is very tedious to analyze website source codes. It can contain a lot of bad code, antipatterns etc. People often use different frameworks and IDEs generating a lot of redundant code etc. But if you can understand the code and can discern good and bad ideas, you can try but keep in mind possible legal implications of stealing code of others.