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[BUG] To many notifications

I noticed a new bug appeared in the SL app last time: The notification number when i exit and enter the app again doesn't decrease if I check notification. Guess what: The number doesn't change even when I mark all as read!

3/29/2018 11:28:00 AM


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I'm on SL v2.0.5 (Android 8.1.0; Pixel 2). Since a couple of days I don't see the daily streak pop-up. XP += 5 still works. Is it just me? Thanks in advance, Stephan


You are right. Wait , let me mail Sololearn.


They should fix it


Me too... I have to read two times for leave notifications count


I have notified this bug in his update thread (its appared in last two version of app) but this bug seem not be most common... Bho


Or maybe anyone had idea to describe it.


I repeat my Bho 😁