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SoloLearn Hardware Configuration

I want to write some Assembly codes within C program. Assembly Language and System Programming requires complete knowledge of Hardware Configuration especially CPU internals, Memory Organization and Operating System. Is there a way to achieve some information about SoloLearn Computer that host and executes our code?

3/27/2018 6:57:30 PM

H. Ahmadian

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More directly, noting that protected mode and virtualization / hypervisors may be in play: The compiler in use (c++ test, may be MinGW): Determines the inline assembly type: Some platform info from Python (AMD64 mode on Intel...32bit, hints at registers to expect): For historical assembly, emulated real mode: DOSBox is stable... or as a curiosity the Virtualx86 emulator (javascript): (DEBUG (DOS 6.22) works, Windows 9x has a GUI, COM ports + external disk image mounting)


Really, was this question so hard or very irrelevant!!!? It makes sense to no one! Is there anyone here that worked with Assembly Language!?


For it taking >1hr for anyone to answer... Most people are focusing on the advertised lessons here (inline assembly is a facet of C), and then: many people come online later in the day. Where I've seen the relatively fewer people experimenting with assembly -- and not all of them on Intel -- sometimes they publish their experiments in CodePlayground and Q&A.