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Your favorite JS functions?

What are your favorite js functions of all js frameworks and libs you might using...? Maybe some useful hints on AI functions are welcome at all too (Y)

3/27/2018 6:49:02 PM


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toString() , - every object has this function - and in JS almost everything is an object (functions too) - so it comes handy, coz nothing escapes it's clutch


lately Function.prototype.bind() 😃


Thank you very much for all your interesting and different answers so far... please feel free for sharing all kind of methods, statements at all and also hints, tips or trix that could be useful for others too... (Y)


I don't know if this counts but I like that it lets me style and change content.


arc(x, y, r, 0, theta);




•User defined. •Function parameters. •Applying Multi-functions with parameters. •Return statement. •#1.Alert. #2.Prompt. #3.Confirm. *.1.Function Definition. *.2.Function Parameters. . *.3.Functions Invocations. *4.Functions Closures. I LIKE THE ABOVE MENTIONED FUNCTIONS THE MOST. THANK YOU :;


alert xD