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Android Vs Web developer - which one is better as best carrier option ?

what should I choose as a carrier option on the basis of demand in future ? By the way, I am beginner in web development. Should I continue learning web or move to Android ?

3/26/2018 3:22:01 PM

Alpha Rays

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Aman Kumar If you specifically mean Android development then I would like to say both stands equal considering their application platform. In a simpler way of understanding, there are lot of consequences where a programmer faces problems( I would refer to the concept of duelling machine complexity of Novel "Duelling Machine" by Ben Bova). Like for Android development with (OOPS) object-oriented Prog languages proves challenging when it comes to constructors,null pointer exception and many others.So as the code complexity increases then the problems may occur in order of memory management.And the availability of wide range of frameworks along with good speed for various Android DK platforms is key perception to an efficient handling and choosing the SDK. If you are familiar and sound with client+server side scripting languages of web development then you can opt for that.Provided you retain some knowledge of Network communication to analyse the web resources in OSI model(open system interconnection).Simple terms like Token ring,Duplexing channel,Error bit correction like Crc and many more should be in clarity states.You also require certain knowledge of the opertional functioning of most of the protocols of IETF standards like ARP, ICMP, SMP, IMAP, DHCP,TCP and many more.If you want you can write your protocol in any language provided you define the rules for protocol before.Also efficient Knowledge about The Rdms/database structure :- data integrity,data mining,data consistency and others.So depending the area of work in web development. Now if you want a shortcut of both Android + web development,then I think "Cordova" latest distribution will fit you!! If you know CSS,JavaScript,Html5.You can develop mobile application there.Or you try "ionic". for(;;) Hope clarified 😊.


Aman Kumar Brother AmanKumar, Thank you for your feedback. I am really impressed with your knowledge in Operating System and I am feel very happy! I feel you should open some topics here in Solo learn regarding operating system Architecture so that everybody can learn. After all we are all learning ☺️.This world is full of innovators. The next reply after this will be your answer and As you said you want to know the scope of that field and not what is data science and machine learning. If you like upvote that reply so that everyone can refer and learn!


Now, First I will talk about where (data science + machine learning) is implemented and it's limitation so you can see the scope there.I will be covering only 2 to keep it short and would be easy to understand. 1) Way*o- It is a autonomous car development subsidiary company of G***le. No wonder its cars have got a good laser range finder to detect possible real objects to create a 3D map model.And uses this model along with world map model to create various data models for its best algorithm. And it is the best among all others as per surveys generated for reviewing. But one of the problem it arrives when it's unable to compute huge data (Big data) unstructured to align it into structured models so as to process learning by the vehicle machine.So research to this particular area is still going on to make more efficient. 2) Sop**a Bot:- I think everyone has heard of it and encountered this in various popular videos about the fluidity of the Artificial Intelligence of this R*bot. So no wonder it's going well but the AGI(Artificial General Intelligence) is somewhat lacking to make it equal to human consciousness in some aspects.Though it fares well in most of the cognitive abilities but there is some thing lacking behind the Bot.Defying the technical term and it's related features for easy understanding I would say (The smile of that bot!! So Artificial 😊). Since it is difficult to write everything in one page ,I am breaking the topic into different replies. More info coming on N.R(Next reply).


Now as you have seen some of the limitations of the topic so you see the scope there...Now coming to the part and that is Future use of data science and machine learning. Please note that machine learning is a integral part of data science and if you think like machine learning to be a subset of data science then data science is the super set of machine learning. Future scope:- 1)Big data:- There is a research going on about the limitations of big data and how it can be improved using quantum computing along with statistical and probabilistic computing.The limitations refer to as data is getting bigger and bigger its becoming difficult to organize data into columns and rows or more evenly structured data.About maximum data are unstructured and it's hard to implement data science like data mining,data integrity and check data redundancy,data modelling, mathematical computations and so on. 2) AGI (Artificial General Intelligence):- Like known Artificial Intelligence Virtual Assistant Sir*, Al*xa, they are proving less AGI or weak AGI which deprive some of the cognitive abilities of human consciousness. So research in this field is still going on.Though Turing complete. The most beautiful information I can give you about its limitation as solving "captcha"...So you see a information regarding "I'm not a bot". And the bots with least A.G.I cannot surpass that. That's because of the overlapping recognition pattern generation of the automation system.Though now it can be surpassed. 3) Automated Reverse Bo*nets are being developed so as to track the botnets of cyber criminal activites.T hough this can be used in the world of Iot(internet of things) There are many ways research is still being developed specially in reverse engineering to track down the Automated networks of Bo*nets.Though P2P networks require more security strength in Bo*nets.So research is still on as a part of data science and machine learning in the field of Anti malware's industries. .


4) SOA(Service oriented Architecture):- This model or paradigm helps in reusability and integrity of software in heterogeneous platforms.Many companies require this kind of platform for controlling applications and develop new services with quality attributed properties as per requirement.So data science + machine learning can assist developers in dealing with service oriented design with good scalability(features of cloud computing) and managing the quality of the attributes to that service. And it can create a complex models in areas data structures and define a best possible learning intellectually with Turing complete languages along with Automated system networks.This research is also going on. So from these you can see the near future scopes that are going to come.Though there are many points to future scopes, I thought putting the above points as the research and development have already started.But others fields are lagging behind so I chose the best possible for 4 points of scope in near future. If you find useful do upvote to spread it and comment to its usefulness while(45) Hope clarified☺️.


Aman Kumar First of all I have a question and if you provide me the answer then I can explain you....I am just following an principle of to explain you in that level so that it is understandable to you. Define me your knowledge in data science and machine learning by choosing the options below to choose your explanation level? Like how much of knowledge you have in depth. 1) Easy level - Providing very brief knowledge. Condition:- Need to know nothing(No background).And a probability that it is easily understandable. 2) Medium level :- Providing very brief depth knowledge. Condition:- Require to have little Knowledge about AI, Machine learning,specially good Knowledge in working of human brains and nervous system.And brief idea about database management system,data modelling,etc. There's a Medium probability that this level of explanation may rebound confusion if very basics are not clear. 3) Hard Level:- Providing in depth very brief knowledge. Condition:- Require a good level of grip described in level medium.Added with knowledge of Artificial neural networks,data science very basic and machine learning basic and mathematical functions.And a good lexical compiler to the explanation. There's a high probability that it will rebound confusion if concept it below medium level. Your choice?


Web developer cause more people are using ios instead of android and you can view websites on literally every device.


Aman Kumar Conceptual info:- Relating the real points of the question you asked me by non-linearity and referring to the discussion in the question. One shouldn't choose a career if that person don't like doing it such that the person is itself a function of situation . One should do what they like since whatever gained from it, will a bye product.And the rate of bye products increases as one processes. One requires less data analysis when data consistency is challenged.They entrust themself to their favorite track and if they get lost somewhere they return from the interlinked nodes of data such that there's a data fucntion particular to their class. And they get back to track due to abrasiveness of learning and ability to resolve unity. For example:- Pi the maths when maths is actually squaring because it can give back the difference of arctangent points where one have lost themselves.😊


Aman Kumar Check the replies!! I had to break in to different replies as it was getting long.Now what it does is defined there in it. If you wanted to know as how data science and machine learning works then the question would have been what is data science and machine learning?? Provided I skipped that medium level thing because your question was defined later as what is the scope in it and what it does.So as per that the answer is! Is that clarified Aman Kumar??


OK fine. I choose the middle one i.e medium level.🤔 why did I choose medium level because I want to know what it can does rather than how it can does ? example - I don't want to know about the internal functioning of operating system(just an example) such as cpu scheduling, PCB, deadlock,page replacement. I just want to know what it can does ? what it's scope in future ? It will create curiosity and as you always said 'curiosity is the best teacher'.


Gaurav There was a discussion going on discussion area on the topic - 'Data science vs Web development '. Gaurav, I actually have no idea about it. What is data science and machine learning ? How useful it is ? PLEASE explain me ...


Thank you Gaurav, It help me a lot.


Gaurav, I can asked this question to someone else or I can search it in Google but why I did ask this question to you. The reason behind is simple. It is better to asked a question to someone who is experienced and as you mentioned that you have 12 year of experience. So I find it good to ask you.