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MongoDB opinions

I’ve just started with a MongoDB course for java developers, curious about if it’s really worth to learn? Have anybody use it in their programming projects?

3/26/2018 12:22:07 PM


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i have used in multiplayer game programming with node js. Long ago so idk if it got any major updates. It is simple, easier to remeber more so than SQL and other mainstream query languages. It doesnt hurt to learn more things ;3 But yeah its worth the learn if you want to query something quick and personal (not many people or businesses utilize mongo so collaborations could be limited).


MongoDB, and to a greater extent, document databases, have wide spread adoption across businesses of all types. The past few product application development projects I've been in for enterprise development have involved document, graph, as well as, traditional SQL / relational databases. Each has their strengths and weaknesses and some can overlap where either database could work. MongoDB is a great way to get familiar with document databases and lends itself to rapid development. I highly recommend you immerse yourself in learning this.


Thanx, guys 😅 So, I’ll keep learning a new staff...