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How many programming languages are there in the world?

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3/26/2018 6:40:28 AM

Shaikh Saif

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There are approximately 256 known programming languages in the world - According to Google.


There are many languages but there are approx 256 programming languages known in the world.


Many you can find out online. Some will not even be listed online like chinese, Korean ones. Some keep getting created inside organizations for internal purposes, they never make it public. You can create your own if you are trying to solve a major problem using that or you think it will be helpful for masses or simplify something tedious right now. I guess the intent was to figure which one you should learn. Do a basic research and learn the one with good scope in next ten years. Learn it from EDX, coursera.


@Bella Jackson.....Google is a source of information i searched in Google


There are 68 Computer Programming Language!


over 700 languages




There are many languages but there are approx 256 programming languages known in the world


there are over 1000 programming languages but they aren't great to use or easy..... so they were died....


they are so many programming language over than 600 but the more importan for all as common objective are just less than 20


There are a lot , and for professional programers it is not so hard to make one, example is the ROBLOX "Lua" , witch was made for roblox users and made by the ROBLOX owners


Way more than what we learn on Sololearn. Too many. Over 200.


There are a lot of programming languages at present......we use languages according to our need. At present Python is the language in demand,and C language is always in demand for its speed of execution,because till date among all programming languages,when it comes to speed of execution,nothing can beat C.


Heres some Hello World in over 600 languages. Fun to look at and get an idea of how many languages


there are thousands


There are so many programming languages, over thousand. And these ones we see here on SL are referred to as the most common ones. Though there are tonnes of languages mostly not for general purpose but for specific fields. For example we have programming languages for controlling robots which include Variable Assembly Language (VAL), Functional Robotics (FROB), and A Manufacturing Language (AML). These languages are usually proprietary, meaning they are specific to individual robot manufacturers.


Not fixed... Approximately 256 number is considered but i can bet for the presence of more than 256 languages. Programmers are now making their own compilers and interpreters for their own prog. languages. Some languages are also present which are only some upgradation to pre-existing languages , which depends on some core languages like Java,C etc Thanks.


I beliece I have more than 200.


@janie how do you know about that