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Best language for cross platform game developing

I learnt some c++ and some c#

12/3/2016 11:58:32 AM

Bogdan Bruma

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for games, the name of C++ always comes to my mind. Also Java which is designed for crossplatform programs. But C# with unity, is best for only Windows.


I know that unity is cross platform so what you program on windows you can program on android too just that you have to adapt it a little an what is the diffrence between java script and normal java?


But I heard to make cross platform apps and games with c# u have to use xamarin which just doesn't worth all the trouble when you can just use Java.... anyway. Java and JavaScript are completely different languages. Java is a crossplatform programming language, while JavaScript is an scripting language used for web and runs on web browsers.



C#, Java, C++ can do it well