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Documentation comments

For what are documentation comments used and what are the differences between them and multi-line/single line comments?

3/23/2018 5:33:18 PM

Cristina Meda

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Multi/single line comments are created by the developer/coder, it is used as self documentation, or a quick reminder of what a piece or block of code is for or what it does. Documentation comments are generally created by documentation utilities, but developers can also write comments following the documentation tool format to allow the manual comments be recognized by the tool. Documentation comments use specific formatting used by the utility wizard to build project documentation, usually documentation comments include details of the thing it is documenting, e.g. argument list & type, or return value for documentation of methods, or detailed list of members for classes documentation. Hth, cmiiw


All comments are helpful


first of all it's useful for u, .... with out comments , if u write a code and then come back to it after a year. ..... u probably are gonna say " what the heck I was trying to do here!!!".... and secondly it's useful if u wanna pass ur code to someone else (like a teammate of ur programming group)


the only difference is the number of lines


and one more thing.... sometimes comments (mostly the ones in a document ) are used as a guide line for writing codes . ( meaning it has been created before getting ur hands on the code)


@Rapha. 👍 long story short. ha?!😂


Which software or tool is used for preparing software documentation?