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like html and css allows you to build responsible wevsites what of phyton after learning phyton what can we create or build with phyton

3/19/2018 11:37:19 PM

Abdulsalam Sulaiman Attah

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Look here:


Python3 and Django for building strong and very rich website ( flask is used for small website,but Django for everything).Basic HTML knowledge is required to use Django. kivy ( a Python Program for anroid )is used for making android apps.


eeehhm you mean "responsive" instead of "responsible"?!?!?


you can everything with website making,app building,video games.but Python is not rich in game world remember that,you can convert you app and games etc into exe or in apk. after learn Python learn Django and kivy this is also main part of python.


you need to download django package for web development with python


tnks for tour reply