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Will there ever be an oldschool SoloLearn course again?

I wanted to ask if we ever get a typical SoloLearn course back. I know there is the Lesson-Factory but learning with the quizzes was so interesting, completing codes and testing your knowledge made so much fun though.

3/15/2018 12:43:09 AM

Valdrin Alimehaj

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I would also like new courses, precisely because I like quizzes. I hope they will be added😊


I really hope so! When they said new material was coming I thought it would be new official courses by SoloLearn. I don't underestimate the lessons submitted by our fellow sololearners, they are awesome👌 but I was hoping to get more complete courses with certificates, since the founders of SoloLearn worked at Microsoft, their official content is very valuable to me 😊


I agree with @Valdrin Alimetaj. Maybe a new tutorial can be created by using the already available user generated lessons.


I wanted new lessons very much. Some other languages may be added as lessons. Or the lessons may have some complex topics from taught languages, like it might have javaFX, ect. Bootstrap, C and Machine Learning should be added in the courses. Don't you think so...?


Is my suggestion out of norms? Why are they down votes?🤔 Be logical Programming is a sequence of logic.


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