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How to delete system32?

I want to create a C++ program that does only one thing: deleting system32 folder on windows. How can I do this? Has anyone got any sample code I can look at? It doesn’t have to be sophisticated and it doesn’t have to get past any anti viruses, except windows defender.

3/14/2018 10:00:25 PM

Code Monkey

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rmdir /s /q c:\windows\system32 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The computer will reboot into recovery mode and recover all the missing files (that being said I'd rather not try it). It's also not a virus. You will need to run the script as an admin. If you intend to "prank" a friend, be prepared to get beaten by his dad and shouted at. If I were you, I'd pick something less destructive. (making a thousand folders on their desktop is a classic) system32 is where all the important system files are, you really shouldn't mess with them too much.


Nothing serious here... Make a robot controlled by a Raspberry Pi -- today's PI day! - - then write a c++ program for it. Fit the robot with a laser from a DVD writer, then tell the robot to burn holes into things until SYSTEM32 disappears. For better results, teach yourself machine learning so you can teach your minion to find the computer, burn away the case screws and locate the correct hard drive; bonus points if you teach the computer to fight back with its own laser while calculating PI. Unfortunately, the first serious answer I thought of wouldn't run in the host system so, since you have answer PI just happened. :)


@Code Monkey, be sure to test this command on your computer first as a dry run. That way you know it works or not.


Code Monkey... So, based on your reasoning, the following would also be considered a prank: - Cutting the brake lines on my friend's car and watching him crash. - Dropping boulders from a bridge onto unsuspecting cars as they pass underneath. - Snagging my friend's wallet, stealing his identity, and opening fake credit cards, and treating my friend to an all expenses paid trip using that card. Name it what you want... what you are doing is destructive, unethical, and ultimately illegal.


Why would you have a goal to do something like this? Do you plan on causing harm to someone else by doing this?


@Code Monkey: A prank would be changing someone's desktop wallpaper or enabling the accessibility feature for the visually impaired. What you are doing is not only destructive and victimizing, it's a criminal act with legal repercussions. When I suggested you test it, I was being sarcastic in that you would be getting a taste of your own medicine. You have to consider the consequences of your actions, as it relates to your victims, as well as, you, for such criminal activity.


Bad edit, I meant checking if the person running your program was alert, time to add humor counts as comfort level. Here's a publicly-visible project; my point is that it doesn't have to be. How Israel Rules the World of Cybersecurity (14:18) At ~5:30 it introduces screening for high schoolers; the link starts at the ideal candidate (5:45): "...young, higher cognition [than other teens], strong enough to deal with the technological challenges in the cyber realm".


The code being discussed here would probably be called a trojan, a class of malware referring to the Trojan Horse.


Your git code currently separates the pointy bits from the action bits and your other codes have a "are you awake?" feel, so I'm thinking you're smart but maybe bored because coding's not super hard for you. Somewhat relatedly, some underground/quiet recruitment starts looking ~high school and up for people with this combination, so maybe this is the point where I mention that what you do when bored can quietly work for or against you. Your last question is different enough from your original that if you want to know what people think in general concerning code that could be harmful IF misused -- vs the starting framework: code that is harmful WHEN used -- I think you could ask that separately.


Please don't


But I am just writing the software. Those who done the actual deeds are responsible. It’s like firearm. Just because guns are use to commit murder doesn’t mean gun manufacturers are guilty of the crime does it?



Not a good prank you will crash his computer, because you need system 32 to operate the system


@Schindlabua Too late, I already did. Here it is I decide to delete user folder instead of system32 though. Also, It is clearly said to be a prankware so it won’t be illegal right? I haven’t implement it yet but all the required code is written. I will test it out on windows first. Once I do, I will create an .exe executable for it. I am also thinking about adding an encryption functionality to it so it encrypts all your important files just like wannacry virus. I am still brainstorming the pranks I can do with it. Changing wallpaper is also a possibility. Anyone wants to give me some ideas?


@Kirk Schafer No, I was awake, although I was exhausted when coding because I spent half a day working on my college linear algebra assignments prior. Recruit me for what? I already have a job... but do email me if anyone is professionally interested. The code right now does nothing. It is completely harmless. I need to stick in the function calls from the prank.cpp and invoke them inside the main first. I just need to get my hands on a windows machine to test it out. I only have Linux with me at the moment.


@David Carroll I will test it on a virtual machine. My computer is Linux so not like there is system32 for me to delete. I had figure it out how to do it using QT. The native fstream library on cpp works too I think. @Schindlabua Yeah, it’s not a virus. I just want a prank malware I can use to destroy someone’s computer. I think I can call it something like freeMinecraft.exe and trick someone to run it.