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Python: Text-Based adventure game (in progress)

Hello all, i will try create text based adventure game. I have done only 2 classes yet ;D its a little hard with sololearn class learn.. And i want ask a question: i need to learn and Pygame to do games like 2D mmorpg ect? And its enought to learn python3 and pygame or need and c++ or c# ?

12/1/2016 2:48:17 PM

Lukas Bolevičius

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Depends on what engine you plan on using for this mmorpg. Keep these things in mind: 1. You will need a dedicated server for your rpg, so prepare to fork over some money 2. Make sure the languages you know are languages the engine you plan on using supports 3. MMORPGS, even 2D ones, are literally the hardest kind of game to make. You're really challenging yourself here. (At least you're starting with a simple text game, which is a good plus) I made a topic concerning game creation if you want to take a look at it. It lists a lot of helpful tips and I believe was even trending for a while. Just search "About Making Games" in the discussion threads to find it. One last thing: Don't expect to be able to make a 2d mmorpg in a short amount of time. Be prepared to invest long hours into it. Most importantly: Never give up. We will have your back so go ahead and throw as many questions as you want at us, we'll be here to answer them to the best of our abilities :) Also, I know all this because I've made a few games before. I don't like promoting myself, so I won't publicly place a link to my works but you can privately message me and I'll be more than happy to pass you a link to my site if you want to see some game projects that can be done in a short amount of time. Currently working on porting a few of them to work on the code playground here to demonstrate what the playground can really support.


Stick to exercices for a few months.


thanks for answer! Yes, me starting for simple text game, first be like adventure with classes it's little hard now because in sololearn not good explame about class use.. so i find in internet good explame where i understand.. now i done with first fight code and make me nervous if something not happen like i think.. sometimes i want give up, but i ask myself "Why i need give up?". Programming is hard in start (im just begginer) now i want do with classes to choose class and start like andventure in text-based game, do enemy classes, fights ect :). First i thinked its just time waste, but i re-thinked - its good practice :). Can u give links please? I dont know how to write private msg :)

0 here code with 1 class here if want see more better