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Python learners, do you know Thonny?

If you are learning Python, know that there is a minimalist IDE that makes learning Python easier. It integrates its own Python 3.6 interpreter and offers super cool features when you learn. For example, it is possible to visualize the value of variables, have code completion, debug it, open your functions individually in new windows, easily detect syntax errors and much more. And the link to the tool: Enjoy!

3/14/2018 10:52:35 AM

c. mechain

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i am using spider and it looks the same but very minimalist, i like minimalist cause it makes stuff work and it is light . i will try thonny


@Pedro Thonny is simple, fast and... Free and Open Source. Is for beginers who whant learn quick.


I love IDLE though :)


My protect dns block this link for maleware/phishing.


thanks for sharing here👍👏👏


The video presentation on the website is intriguing. Looks like a great learning and teaching aid. Thank you for the reference.


Good to know! But I have a feeling that PyCharm can do all that too, someone correct me if I’m wrong



I am using PyCharm Edu, which is also free, but I am slowly learning vim, because I got strongly advised to learn it. Also, learning the UNIX command line via Mac OS Terminal.


Thanks! Python will be more easy with it.


Thonny is great but also now that the flask is coming into the trends, python is much more easier to use for designing webpage too.


Thanks man! When I start learning python, I'll be already prepared.








Never used it.



haha im sorry


Now I have complete the course but I don't know what is next? How to make a new program from scratch? Any one help.