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How do you stay motivated?

I haven't been coding a lot lately and I wanted to know how you stay motivated. Beacause with school and sports it's hard to find the time.

3/13/2018 12:45:51 AM

Screaming Bird

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Adding to the above: Challenge your self by making a plane and give your self a gift every time you accomplish this plan. Then increase the level of challenge every time a little bit. in this way you will gain the spirit of the fighter and you get off this feeling. For example: start with a plan to take a badge within a day. then to get 1000xp then to be the first in your country for day, then to week, etc... Here you find huge Resources (On Motivation):


if you want to make something with your life than work hard, that is best motivation for me...


Yes , often there is no time for all this especially when your main task is something else. But, I have an urge to code. This very thought keeps me motivated.


Motivation comes out of yourself. You can't force yourself to be motivated. Motivation decreases often, if there comes another topic in your life which you find more interesting. Tolerate that your interests wander around.


If you do what you like you don't need motivation. To do is the motivation. (Sorry for my english)


Thanks for all of your great answers. 🙂