I want to learn Python programming language alone. Can I get a good job as just a Python programmer?

Can I get a good job as just a Python programmer?

11/30/2016 7:48:51 PM

Taiwo Afonja

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Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Programming, no matter what, is a good job. Your chances of a job diminish if you decide to not go to college. If you're looking for money, then set your sights for Java.


i dont think with just python you will do it. sure, it can be your main language, but programmers are known for being jack-of-all-trades. its always better knowing at least how other languages work, because what is pretty difficult on one, can be very easy on other


python is becoming increasingly popular. However some languages are more efficient than others with some tasks. Do not be discouraged if you are learning just python now, as it is a more forgiving learning tool than other languages. Part of being a computer scientist / programmer is the ability to learn other languages. It might seem intimidating now, but once you understand all the concepts in the language you know (Variable, lists, syntax, etc) it's extremely easy to adapt to another language. This is because when you come across something like variables for example, you're like "I know what it is used for, so this is how it is used in this language". python is extremely useful though. Commonly used for artificial intelligence for example.