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Following Questions

Hey , I just realized that we can follow or unfollow any Question in Q/A section and that's the reason why I get so many posts even if I send a single post in any question (it automatically gets followed) there anyone else who just realised it...?

3/10/2018 5:56:24 AM

Akshat Vira

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Implying we need a tutorial for SoloLearn itself? :>


Not just realized it, but they never tell you. I found out by clicking the star and realized I never got updates from a good question (thought it got ignored or something) so i came back, clicked the star and bam, found out


@Hasty Rei very true.😄


Thats great...but i used u specified..heheh


Hey akshat...i jst solved ur problem in jquery regarding switching tabs..refer this code..


U can write addClass in replace to toggle class it works the same