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Coordinates to geolocation in python

>>> import reverse_geocode >>> coordinates = (-37.81, 144.96), (31.76, 35.21) >>> >>>[{'city': 'Melbourne', 'code': 'AU', 'country': 'Australia'}, {'city': 'Jerusalem', 'code': 'IL', 'country': 'Israel'}] Greetings. This is my estimation of the presumed code but i'm not certain what to do now could someone help please. Thanks

3/9/2018 7:32:15 PM

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To be honest, it seems like it is a well-done, but limited library. The question is how big its dictionary is and how precise it can get... Perhaps you could utilize Google API and simply query it with latitude/longitude coordinates: (the code above is based on my other creation below, just a bit modified)


Thanks so much I will give that a try.