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Should solo improve?

guys I believe solo learn can improve a lot, yes they good in teaching basics but how about those who already know basics ??? and they should make it hard not easy , people cheat now because they allowed them

3/8/2018 2:51:20 AM

Philani Mbhele

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hi @Philani They have suggested a new part in this application which assignment section where every one can create a new lesson with new concepts or make advanced topics for already done lessons.


you can go to lesson factory to create new lessons or to (learn part) to view already approved assignments or lessons.


you are welcome.. wish you the best...😀


I will do my best , programmer


you got the link ? or they still suggesting only ?


okay thanks , I hope it will assist many



Yup.thanks sololearn


people are going to cheat no matter what you do, but they are only cheating themselves.