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Can a web developer from africa get a job in europe or USA expecially self taught without degree. Or degree is a must requirement for you to migrate?

3/6/2018 10:55:16 AM

Mark Kendrick

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You don't need any specific criteria to get a job in Europe as a programmer or a web designer (also if it would be not easy without a degree). Instead, there are many limits about the number of foreign people entering Europe. These limits are not applying to foreigners who attended European universities (but they have a time limit, generally one year after graduation, to get a job). Sometimes, there are some connections between foreign universities and European countries (or companies), so you could have some advantages in finding a job or obtaining a visa.


if you want to come to germany and you have the right skills in web dev Im sure you have a chance


Sorry but....even he is just an ' intermediate' supporter... (@ Mark Kendrick pls dont take it for personally) The germans want and they will open their arms more powerfully in future than in past and if he could not reading/writing or probably have no language to speak with them.... youre probably right, @TheRedSpy... germany is needing more immigrants than ever in its history I suppose..... (Y)


to migrate no to get a job... depends on the job