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Python o java

which one has to come/learn first? python3 o java ; )

3/6/2018 6:21:59 AM


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java is great, also as python, with java you learn a c-based programming language, that makes it easier to learn c++ and c#, you only have to take your choice and start 👍😉


@ that japanese young lady, sorry i can't read your name, thank you very much for your kind words 👍😉


@ Jex My, thank you very much for marking my answer as the best 👍😉


tooselfish very kind and helpful, NOT selfish one bit!


@tooselfish haha its ok and you're welcome :)


Python is nice and easy Java is hard but you can do a lot more


Both of them are really good but I prefer Python because its easy to learn and I am lazy to write so much code thats why python is my choice 😆