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Im Confused

In confused, I took the some of the C# course and wanted to try out a script, so I input something that I learned and checked to see if it was correct, it was, but it still said error, this happened multiple times, can someone please help, or am I just being dumb.

3/6/2018 12:49:53 AM

Austin Tompkins

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Can you type and save what you are attempting in code playground and link it here so others can see what it is that may be going wrong


Then we look your script and see what is wrong with it!! Why you did not save the code in your account??


I will have the Script by tomorrow, I cant today because of events.


I thought it was a lost cause.


I added the script to the description.


hi. thanks for posting your code on line 17 you used Console.Read() the Read method only expects a single character as input so when you enter multiple characters for a name it will cause errors. Console.ReadLine() will probably fix the problem. ReadLine() accepts multiple characters as input. i hope this helps you. greets.


I deleted my last comment, thanks for helping me, your script helped.