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Which is better? (Opinions)

I am deciding between using C# and C++ to code a 3D game. The game will be a FPS. I'd like to know what you think and why you think that.

11/29/2016 2:23:32 PM


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Both actually works fine. But I would personally prefer to use C++ as more people often use those and you can easily get answers for you questions about game development about those. But , C# is easier to use compared to C++ . But in the end, it is also your personal preference too.


C# with Unity3D Beacuse I use it and know that it is not too hard to make a simple game after you get comfortable with using Unity. At the begining you can just find tutorials of finished games and follow it, after few finished "copy" games, you will quickly be able to do something on your own.


Thanks for the reply. It's just I've been swapping languages I code in. I went from Java to C++ to C#. I'm just trying out different languages. I think I will go with C++ however.