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Your strongest language?

What is everyone's strongest language? is it the language you started with? are you self taught?

3/1/2018 9:24:21 PM

Eliot Geller

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might java 😅


I wrote my first lines with actionScript 2 with Flash MX. A few years later, I learned the algorithm. Then, xHTML/css2 and PHP/MySQL. And a bit of JavaScript. But since the web was horrible and PHP not good, I got away from it. After some time spent in different languages, the evolution of the web made me come back. And now it's JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript. edit: Ho. I forgot about that. But true first lines of code were in Logo, on Thomson's TO7. I was about seven years old.



My strongest language is C . I started with c# in highschool but I've learnt the most of my knowledge by myself.


C, Html,Css, JSP





My strongest language is probably HTML.


Ruby, as far as I know. Still noob in it :p but can be considered as my strongest language if you won't believe then see my codes which are not more than a line. Hope, you enjoy my answer and my codes both.


mine are between python and java. both of which i had formal education in at school, but ive started trying to learn others on my own.




JavaScript these days, but it always changes depending on the season. Lol




Python/Web languages





i love assembly , c++, python3