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Hi guys, this is my first post. I'm Gintonic ;) and I've just discovered this great app. I can't wait to join the community and start to learn coding. Btw, as you know, i'm starting from 0, so could you please suggest me which language is better to start from? Could i start from C++ and skip the C? Hope to give my support and grow up with all of you Thanks!

1st Mar 2018, 9:54 AM
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if you want to start with C++ then you can start from that but as a beginner you should with python it's syntax is easy and user friendly but you can start directly with C++ too From the FAQ: That depends on what you're trying to achieve. For web development: Start with HTML, and then move on to CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and SQL. For general application programming: Python, C++, and Ruby; then Java, C#, or Swift, based on the platform you're targeting. Re: https://www.sololearn.com/faq/#q1
1st Mar 2018, 10:06 AM
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I think you can start with java first. .... because then you will get accustomed to writting big programs (In C++ we don't have to write that much as in java but you will be comfortable in writing programs if you start with java
1st Mar 2018, 9:58 AM
Coding Niffler
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I don’t Opposed to elders , but in near me c++ is the best for the beginners the reason behind my answers is that the c++ language have nearly all the functionality in other languages and it is the basic language. But generally speaking, the reason to use C++ rather than other languages is indeed performance. The reason for that is that C++ offers a means of abstraction that has, unlike all other languages that I know, no performance overhead at runtime. This allows writing very efficient code that still has a very high abstraction level.
2nd Mar 2018, 1:53 AM
saqib iqbal
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if your trying to create a game like me then go on and keep on going it's not hard if you think it's hard then you will never go somewhere example: some one who doesn't speak or understand english but you do u know it as if it was nothing hard it's easy for you right? but it isn't for the other person all I'm trying to say is its hard at first but it will become easy and at the end your won't worry about it
2nd Mar 2018, 5:53 AM
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well it really depends on your goals. if you want to develop your own game you can start with C#/C++ , for web dev you can study Html, javascript, Css, sql, and php. for android app you can start with java. for IOS app you can start with swift. yku just really need to know what your goal is and eventually coding will be easy for you (well not for me) hope this helps
2nd Mar 2018, 2:19 PM
De Wei
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If you have no prior programming experience I wouldn't recommend learning C++. C++ is a difficult language to learn and requires knowledge of memory management, how the CPU works, etc. Something like JavaScript or Python would be much better than C++.
2nd Mar 2018, 3:59 AM
Ben Allen (Njinx)
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I recommend C/python->C++->Java That’s at least how I did it
4th Mar 2018, 6:24 PM