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Java Questions

Why are the Java questions so difficult on the challenges. I find the course you are teaching has nothing to do with the tests. I believe you have to be almost an expert to get any of them correct. Please make the questions more along the lines that you are teaching. Thx

2/28/2018 8:39:41 PM

Tim Millar

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I agree with you, that's a big problem.


Anyone is free to suggest new quizzes for the challenges. (There's even badges available for this) You can review new questions as well in quiz factory as a way to make your voice heard. It helps influence what kinds of questions are asked and prevents a worse case scenario.


Well, for the longest time, people were complaining that the challenge questions were too easy. So they accepted harder ones. Now people are saying they are too hard 😂😂😂



I was more explaining why the quality changed. The new questions come from the community. So if the questions seem harder, it's because the community wanted harder questions. In terms of the adapt or perish, it was more a joke than anything else. Don't take it the wrong way. (I'll remove it so you don't get the wrong idea) The best way to address the harder content is to understand the content each question is pulled from. We can help with that portion if you post the question in the Q/A. Of course you are also welcome to submit your own questions of the difficulty you see fit. It's a good way to show off what you know.


So live with it or get lost? Is that really what you want to say? Not the best choice of words for a Mod. You are saying too bad for the beginners and the intermediates. So you are shutting them out. You should just rename the Java challenge to experts only, everyone else doesn't matter because we rule the Earth.


That because "Do It" more efficient than "Read It"


and the community consisted of Who? all advanced users? obviously


point of this whole thing is you have a hot mess on your hands. I personally will not accept nor engage in anymore university science degree challenges. I know I am not the only one in the COMMUNITY that feels this way.


i want j2ee question and oracle database question


I agree with you