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node.js,angular js, jquery

hello every body.... which library will you prefer to me after learning javascript? totally confused.....

2/26/2018 3:02:23 AM

kashif ahmad

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Only JQuery is a library, NodeJS and AngularJS are frameworks :) And the order depends if you want to focus more on the frontend or backend skills. But I would suggest: 1. JAVASCRIPT. 1.1 JQUERY: It's a JavaScript library. You can create animations and AJAX calls in less lines than you would do it in vanilla JavaScript. It is so easy to pick up, you can learn it in max 10 hours. 1.2 ECMASCRIPT 6: It is the updated and new standard version of JavaScript. It's recommended to learn it if you plan on learning TypeScript. 1.3 TYPESCRIPT: It is a superset of JavaScript. It's basically ECMAScript 6 with more functionalities. Learning TypeScript is recommended if you plan on working with Angular. 2. ANGULAR or ANGULAR2: AngularJS is the first and older version, it will most likely be discontinued. Go for Angular (the updated version of AngularJS) or Angular2 (the newest version). These are frontend framekworks (on the client side) and will help you build single page web apps faster. It might take you up to 2 months to learn it though. 3. NODE.js: It's a backend framework (on the server side). It will let you execute JavaScript on the server, this means manipulate files on your server and data in your database. 3.1 EXPRESS: It's a server side framework. It will let you write node.js code in less lines. Conclusion: You don't really need to learn JQuery or Angular, these are only tools that will help you build JavaScript web apps faster and in less lines. Just like Bootstrap isn't mandatory, but it's a framework that helps you achieve the same things in less lines than you would normally do in CSS. The same happens with Express which is optional for apps that use Node.js


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jQuery and angularjs are for front end node js for server side scripting. Learn this things according to your requirement!!


practice JavaScript first !


jquery isnt really needed, but it makes things easier to program; plus many people use it so if you know it, seeing it wont be too intimidating. node.js is really nice! Not too difficult to learn either plus it comes with many packages. Never used angular but hear about it a lot so that could be something to look into


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