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New version SoloLearn: What do you think?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to mention a few things about the new release of @SoloLearn : The new contents to be learned are many and most of them very useful in terms of enforcing the overall knowledge of programming. However, I really think that to those new learning contents, some kind of knowledge test or even certificate would have been a great addition to the lot. These are my thoughts. Now: - What would you have added to this new release? - Is there anything you would have done in a different way?

2/23/2018 10:56:33 PM

Pedro Solís García

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Hi Pedro, the new content is awesome and versatile. Just as you said, I would really love it, if there were some knowledge test. It really helps reflecting thoroughly the learned content. In addition this makes learning new information step by step easier. I really like the way the tutorials for programming languages are structured. So it would be my suggestion, to do it similarly with the new lessons. Have a nice weekend!


i want C tutorial, too.


really glad to see the update! Thank you SoloLearn. It will be better if the lessons from community can have tests.


I would of had a c and kotlin tutorial.


For the sorting algorithms, is it possible we could see introsort in the near future?