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The Best Way To Practice For Long Term Success?

I'm really striving to make coding a potential career in the most effective way possible, but I'm easily discouraged because there's so many components to learn. How can I practice more efficiently and move myself forward? I feel very much like I'm floating in an ocean in a boat with no oars.

2/22/2018 5:46:57 AM


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Start with small projects that do simple things and over time try doing harder stuff like coding a simple game or something like that. Share your ideas with someone that knows code and hear his opinion. Try to have fun when coding.. =)


My opinion: Every day, you should write a least one code. 😉


I think it's a good idea to streamline your efforts. Have a think about what sort of career you'd like. Would you like to do web design, or make apps, or something else? If you don't know enough about the industry yet to make such a choice, try doing a bit of research to find out what the different types of careers are, and see what (if anything) takes your fancy. Failing that, why not try to think up a project that you'd like to do? Maybe combine it with other passions or interests in your life. If you manage to come up with something, find out the best ways and coding languages to achieve that. I wouldn't recommend trying to learn everything at this stage because that will surely overwhelm you. Work out where you want to go - then work out the route! Good luck!


Don't get scared about how vast the ocean you are on is, instead set a destination get a compass and no matter what life throws at you remain on track. It doesn't matter much what you have or know, it is the problems you solve that matters. Take small projects like Nitzan suggested and with time make it big and finally make a change...


Yes, it can get overwhelming. First ask yourself: ● What kind of projects do I want to build? Websites? Software? Mobile apps? Database access? Data Science Analysis? Videogames? ● Do I want to build projects for fun or for money? ● Do I want to launch my own startup business or do I want to get a job? After answering these questions you'll look for which set of technologies (programming languages and frameworks) you require to set your own path and start your learning and practicing journey. Here's a helpful infographic for guidance: Every new skill and project will require specific type of practice, but try to adopt the "divide and conquer" philosophy to split the problem into smaller pieces and solve the smaller pieces to then aggregate to get to the final solution. For example, If I wanted to build a website where my friends at school or college can login to share files and other material given in class. How to approach this project and start building it? First learn HTML for the markup, then CSS and Bootstrap for a modern user interface, then JavaScript to add behavior and manipulate the DOM, then I might want to learn Python or PHP or Ruby on Rails for the backend so I can communicate with the server that hosts my website, and finally MySQL to save the data of all my users so they can set their username and password. That's a suggested path for a web project, depending on your project there could be other steps you can put into practice everyday. Good luck 🍀😊


I read a lot of article, and i found this article the best: hope you learn from it.. - - - -


Learn Understand Try To Code Test Yourself Make A Project


I think that practice makes perfect.Just try to write code everyday try to repeat material you learnt and it will bring you real fruits!! Luck😉


Supporting my friend up here👆


Supporting Russ "Know everything of something rather than something of everything."


Have a definite goal(e.g. write down a list of the WHYs you want to learn a particular programming language), decide what language you want to learn, then learn it and practise it everyday. When you get stuck go back to your list of WHYs and you will see the end of the beginning. When you master and/or rather understand the building blocks, learn further by asking yourself what's next and keep learning; by this way you are climbing your ladder of success. Soon enough your be an expert in your field.


You're are at the right place.... Sololearn the best ground to start.


Every new deal is hard to start. Don't worry) and move on. Step by step.


my opinion: find what you are passionate about, and what Interests you! don't get demotivated when learning from scratch... do what you can , take projects! if its web development or actual coding just push harder set targets, aim and I'm sure u will thrive....even without having much knowledge about the industry just do more research and I'm sure that will pave a way!


I believe that there isn't a exactly formula. You need focus, motivation and practice a lot.


continuity ,concern and focusing


You’re right Muhammad my friend👍


Long term consistency Trump's short term intensity


I can relate, however I found that it’s easy to find motivation if you set a goal. Start with a small one: I for example wanted to create a simple text based game. I didn’t even had a full concept, but I went with it and worked out the rest along the way. I uploaded the results here. The result for me was: learned to do researches in order to accomplish my goal, gained additional experience in coding, functions, variables, code structures etc. and now I have a concept for my next game, which - thanks to the experience gained from this small project - will be much easier, and the result will be much better. Bottom line: set a goal, put in your work and finish it. You don’t need to deal with all the oceans in the world if you just want a glass of water. (A bit sketchy, but I hope you get where I want to go with this). Also failures are a part of success.


Pravin 😂 actually my name is Khairul