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Is AngularJS always a good solution?

Seeing the tutorial on AngularJS, I wonder about its use compared to the more recent versions of this framework. Can AngularJS still be used in 2018?

2/21/2018 10:00:05 PM


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It will not always be a good solution (there is no perfect tool for any job), but Angularjs still has a lot of demand. And in any case, it is always convenient to know about the framework. Although there are new versions these are incompatible with Angular1, so rewriting an application to make the migration is not feasible in countless cases (either by the budget or because that version works the way you want within the project and there is no need to break things or cause incompatibilities)


Yes I know React. But AngularJS is quicker for little projects. Just that AngularJS is very different of last version but very use. Is it secure to use ?


it is a good question ,I am just learning it


There is not only angular, react.js and Vue.js (I love vue.js) are good too ; )