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Is php old fashion?

With laravel as a php framework that is very secure would one say php is still fading away?? lets have your thought


2/21/2018 9:13:19 PM

Rodney Asante

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Absolutly. PHP have no futur. With librarie like react and Jamstack + connect to firebase and Google cloud services... PHP is dead. And with node.js and his framework...


Honestly, I'm really torn on this subject. In one hand, I really enjoy PHP. In the other hand, NodeJS seems to be the option with the better longevity for the future. It's much more efficient, scales and performs better than PHP probably ever will. As well, someone with knowledge in JS (which is basically all web developers) can easily pick it up without having to learn another language from the ground up. Soooooooo...... I don't know what to tell you. Plenty of people still use it, so knowing it wouldn't hurt you in any way and you're more than able to use it to your heart's content. I'm not a fortune teller, so I've no idea what the future will hold because a LOT is about to change with technology and we're entering into a new technological era very soon. As such, we may end up seeing things that don't even exist currently, but as things currently stand, PHP is on the decline and other things like NodeJS are moving up in their place. For me personally, I learned both and use whichever one is best suited for my particular situations. That's what I'd recommend. When you have a tool belt with all tools on it, you don't have to debate on whether to bring a hammer or a screwdriver.