Why does it feel like I'm not retaining much only been at it for about a week on and off due to work and kids | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Why does it feel like I'm not retaining much only been at it for about a week on and off due to work and kids

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2/20/2018 8:35:27 PM

Joshua Bishop

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The most important thing is that you learn how to think like a programmer. Even if you forget some syntax or how to solve a particular problem, hopefully every time you code you are becoming more proficient at the logic behind it. Don't expect a linear progression, it will be up and down but with practice you will continually get better


Retaining the high level concepts is what really matters. The details are only a search away. Knowing that your HTML tags can be colored by CSS styles lets you search the web or your existing code for the actual syntax you must use. With enough practice, you will start retaining the details of how. But for now, concentrate on what is possible and use a search to find out how it is done.


josh like matt said, alot of people will take in more PRACTICING the things they have learnt in their own code than just reading. So if i were you i would do 5- 10 mins a day in the morning just making a short code to help make what you have learnt stick. hope this helps 😊


Life can interfere with anything, but if you’re busy, your mind can’t keep up with everything, so either take a small break or limit the time you spend coding, so as to free up space in your mind. I have a twin brother and triplets as my brothers too(younger than me) and trust me, remembering coding can be extremely hard with everything going on. With 4 brothers, something is always going on, so I understand your position perfectly.


thank you all for such fast responses I greatly appreciate your help


For me, retaining information when learning how to code comes greatly from actually coding and seeing hands on how they actually work. After learning concepts it is always good to go practice some exercises that involve those concepts. Bit by bit, you’ll start putting things together on your own and it will come more naturally than from just reading a textbook. Hope this helps.


Thank you Matt I will definitely try that as well


thank you Obbu